The virtues of photography

Take photos today to take the smartphone in hand to quickly hold a situation or shoot a selfie for Facebook or Instagram. The term 'Knipser' gains a whole new topicality. But what happens to the thousands of photos that everyone has accumulated so and who are stored on hard drives or CD's, of which no one knows if they are still legible in 20 years. And what if the phone memory is full? Clear old files to continue snap? Print? That's the fewest. It's not worth it, because the prints are not long durable and fading. The good old family album has already become a historic phenomenon. Unfortunately, the digital developers have failed to give advice for a functioning handling of the stock floods, and so it has become a temporary appearance from a former permanent photo, a digital shooting star. At this point, 'The Collodionistas' come into play. The Collodionistas are two photographers, Daniel and Marcus, who have been working with state-of-the-art, digital photography for many years, but also met the analog era in front of it. We do not want to turn back the time, but the medial arbitrariness and short lifespan can accommodate some valuable and permanent: the collodium picture with real silver. This so-called wet plate photography, which Frederick Scott Archer launched in 1851, was at that time for the development of cultural human history similar to groundbreaking, as the digitization good 130 years later. A collodium portrait is something very special. If you hold such a picture in your hand, you first find that it weighs! The photo is located in a carrier layer on metal or glass plates. It's only! Each picture is unique with chemical artifacts. This will not make it possible to produce two identical images. It has a certain depth ! There are wonderful shades between silvery shimmering highlights and extreme blackness and a depth, which is not achieved by any other medium. It is permanent! How much a picture keeps exactly, you do not know, but 150 years at least - so old, like the process itself. And it takes! Since a fresh plate with chemistry is poured for each exposure and is made photosensitive, it is no longer possible,to take more then four per hour. It is very intimate and personal! The carving staging, putting the light and the small number of photos, leave the shooting a teamwork of people before and behind the camera. We have dedicated our kind of photography with body and soul!